Little Mouser...........................scribbles 112




     Gardi and Little Mouser were slowly coming down and were just a few feet from touching the ground. They had taken their flight over the western cliffs, and, as always, the updrafts had been magnificent! Little Mouser shook up the nesting puffins by screeching at the top of his lungs imitating a hungry albatross. The boy could really be a turd sometimes. The pair then swooped out to Shark Tooth Island and made a few declining orbits before finally gliding back towards the desolate beach. The sun was now falling back into the sea, giving the entire horizon the tint of a pumpkin field in October. Little Mouser touched down on the beach first and then exhaled like he had just finished a laborious chore. A moment later, Gardi made a knee bending landing in the wet sand.
     “That was great, Mouser. Absolutely, phantasmagorically wonderful!”
     “Let’s do it again!” shouted Little Mouser.
     “I’m done in, boy,” laughed Gardi. “First off, we rode those meadow dragons till they nearly collapsed from exhaustion, and then we flew up the coast and went canopy zipping through the great Redwood forest. If that was not enough, you then took off and boarded that Humpback Whale and rode it for miles down along the coast before I finally caught up with you.”
     “Never rode a whale before,” Little Mouser nodded his head, “Pretty cool.”
     “Well, the day’s about shot, and it’s nearly time.”
     “Naw, c’mon Gardi, just one more thing, okay? I promise, then I’ll be ready.”
     Gardi stared down at his ward with a heavy heart. “Okay, but don’t get hacked at me if it ends too soon.”
     “No sweat, I promise. Okay, what we gonna do?” Down the beach, obscured in the settling darkness, Little Mouser could hear the heavy gait of rhythmic ‘thumping’. As it grew louder and closer, he soon made out the glowing alabaster of a magnificent Lipizzan stallion as it galloped down the beach towards him. Soon the steed came to a stop next to him, glowing almost fluorescent in it’s pearly coat.
     Gardi helped him up on the horse’s back and then stood back to admire him. Down the beach, for nearly a quarter of a mile, dozens of torches suddenly lit up illuminating the now dark expanse. “Make it quick, Mouser. You only have till you reach the last torch. Ride well my little friend, and savor this moment.” With that, Gardi stepped back into the night shadows and was forever gone. The powerful animal then took off.
     Little Mouser was jolted by it’s great power and strength. Terrifying, but, oh so exhilarating at the same time. The world now flew by like a torrent of images. The young boy now felt supreme as he absorbed the true essence of his glorious life. He bent over grasping the horse’s mane and whispered, “Take me all the way....faster and faster till I can feel the burn of living.” They rode past the lit torches in a blur. The turbulence of the galloping stallion was so great it blew over most of the torches as it kicked up swirling sand devils from it back hooves. As Little Mouser and his great mount rode past the last torch, an embracing blanket of calm settled over the young boy. He now felt relaxed....and then he let go of the mane.
     The surgeon sighed, and then stepped back from the operating table. “Call it.”
     “3:23, doctor,” answered the anesthesiologist.
     “Such a shame. He was so young,” commented the scrub nurse.
     “Spent most of his life in a wheelchair,” replied the surgeon. “The little guy never really lived.”

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Comments (27)

  1. pastormike

    oooohhh man.. never even saw that coming. one hell of a piece of writing. might be some of your best.. truly amazing blend of fantasy and reality. I can relate more than most.. i was trapped in a frail body far too long. but i was able to make some of my dreams real..

    October 09, 2014
    1. uncle_charlie

      Sometimes it takes a mood to write something like this.

      October 09, 2014
      1. pastormike

        understand that.. but this is beyond the usual for you. just superb work.

        October 09, 2014
  2. GoldenPig2012

    You caught me off guard with this one. I’d ask how you come up with these things, but, after a bit of thought, I don’t really care as long as you keep doing so. Always thought provoking. Thank you.

    October 09, 2014
    1. uncle_charlie

      Very kind of you, thanks.

      October 09, 2014
      1. GoldenPig2012

        Nope, not kind, please do not mistake my honest opinion for kindness or rumors will start.

        October 10, 2014
  3. sweetpaws

    you are the best.. one day I want to come close …

    October 09, 2014
    1. uncle_charlie

      Really nice comment….thanks…..C

      October 09, 2014
      1. sweetpaws

        your are welcome.. hope all is well with you

        October 09, 2014
  4. SEC


    October 09, 2014
    1. uncle_charlie


      October 09, 2014
      1. SEC


        October 09, 2014
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  8. uncle_charlie

    Thank you for the kind comment.

    October 11, 2014